The California legislature (update: and as of July 1st, our senile communist governor) has voted to make me a felon, yet again. They took the rights that I exercise and the liberties that I enjoy and banned them, turning them into felony offenses if I don’t comply. But not just my rights and liberties, yours too, it’s just that you may not have chosen to exercise these particular rights and liberties. They’ve prevented you from ever engaging in or enjoying these rights and liberties should you choose to change your mind at a later date.

When a government bans something, it’s preemptively convicting every citizen of a crime they didn’t commit and taking away their rights, liberties, freedom, and property without due process. We generally strip people of their rights, liberties, freedoms, and property only after they’ve committed a crime against another person, but in this case everyone is already the criminal first, and if you violate the ban then they can simply take more rights, liberties, freedoms, and property from you.

If I don’t comply with their dictates backed by the threat of force with government guns and incarceration, I will go to bed on a future December 31st, and at midnight January 1st, I will become eligible to be arrested and prosecuted for crimes of inaction. I will wake up in the morning and be guilty of felonies by literally doing nothing. I will not have infringed on the life, liberty, property, or rights of anyone else (which is what most people think a criminal does and should be prosecuted for); I simply will not have given up my rights to a government that doesn’t believe I should have my rights, and I will therefore be a criminal waiting to be caught.

This isn’t political hyperbole. This isn’t tinfoil hat conspiracy theory. The tyrants in the State Capitol decided that neither you nor I deserve to have the rights or liberties we enjoy today, and if you violate their dictates, men with guns can and will arrest you. That is the very definition of government tyranny and violence against a supposed “free people”.

I’m a husband and a father of three young children. The government expects me to give up my rights under the threat of taking me from my family, their only source of support and income. Nice threat, progressive tyrants, you’re so compassionate and tolerant. Love wins.

So what’s a free man to do when another man or group of men try to take what isn’t theirs by the threat of force, but they do it under the banner of government and law enforcement?

I hear the question, “do you support law enforcement?” and I respond, “it depends on the law being enforced.” Then there’s my personal favorite, “are you a law abiding citizen?” to which I reply, “it depends on the law I’m being required to abide.” I mock so-called “law abiding citizens” relentlessly for their desire to always remain morally superior in the eyes of the law, even when the laws are unconstitutional and tyrannical. Is it moral to follow laws which criminalize your rights and Liberty? “Well, yes because I’m a good little law abiding law abider.”

Ditch the moniker “law abiding citizen”. The government uses this phrase to beat us free people over the head with to keep us complying with their vile dictates against our rights and Liberty out of some form of guilt and duty, and too many of us let them do it by repeating their false label.

We are free men and women, and it’s about time we show them what that means.


– Editors note –

Legisexuals: politicians who enjoy fucking the citizenry


4 thoughts on “California legisexuals rape gun rights

  1. I agree, it’s time commie-cali takes their state back. It’s bleeding to other states now. They’ve got the taste of blood, now they’re coming for more.


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