After dozens of unarmed and helpless people at a gay club were murdered by a Muslim terrorist, Democrats called for stripping gays of their right and liberty to own certain firearms, magazines, and ammo, and to further strip gays of their liberty to access firearms in a timely manner.

Take, for example, Gavin Newsom, the former mayor of San Francisco and current lieutenant governor of California, and supposed champion of gay rights, who has an initiative on the ballot that will force gay people to relinquish their legally owned magazines that hold over 10 rounds or be charged with a crime. His initiative also forces gay people to submit to a background check every time they try to buy ammunition. If a gay person loses or has their gun stolen, and they don’t report it to the police quick enough, Newsom’s initiative will also charge gay people with a crime.

And he’s not the only one. The legisexuals in the CA State Capitol are targeting the rights and liberties of gays as well, some laws being similar to what Gavin Newsom is trying to do regarding confiscation of magazines and background checks for ammo purchases. Another won’t allow gays to teach their gay friends and family how to shoot a gun at the range with their gun, or loan them a gun if they’re in fear of their lives before they can buy one for themselves.

Nationally, Democrats have called for banning gays the ability to buy certain semi automatic rifles that would protect them in a violent mob-style homophobic event or riot, and register all gay people who currently own one. If this fundamentalist anti gay government ever decided to come after gays or their guns, they’ll know where all the armed gays are, and the unarmed gays will be led to the slaughter. Once gays lose this right and Liberty, they’ll never get it back.

Anti gun politicians seem to think their laws only affect their political enemies, but every time they call for any kind of gun ban, they’re banning rights and liberties that all Americans have including gays, and it affects them in ways only gay people understand. While some gays might not be currently exercising these rights or liberties, Democrats want to ensure they never can and never will.

And for anti gun gay people, why would you willingly allow yourselves to be made defenseless by the very people you believe are fighting for your rights? You have rights other than who you’re able to sleep with.


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