Silly tyrants, like Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, the Internet is forever. You removed a post that had over 9000 views and +2500 Facebook shares, and the text of it was copied and pasted all over the Internet.

But to comply with yet another dictate against our rights, I’ll be providing the Tyrant Registry to anyone who contacts me privately. Might want to close this loophole, otherwise known as Liberty.

Here’s what they deleted, sans personal info:


Not only are these tyrants going after your 2nd Amendment rights, but they have their eyes on your 1st Amendment rights as well.

I heard through the Internet that the Office of Legislative Counsel has sent a letter to WordPress demanding this article be removed, because it violates this section of state code:

The entire letter can be found here:

First and foremost, OF COURSE these tyrants would pass a law shielding and insulating themselves from the public they supposedly “serve”.

But I hope they’re also going after Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Zabasearch, White Pages, and every other “people search” website, because all their public information was already listed there “on the Internet” for everyone to find.

In addition, the letter states that Senators and Assembly Members are afraid for their safety…

If they’ve done nothing wrong, they have nothing to be afraid of.

I think Thomas Jefferson said it best: “When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”


If you’re a gun owner in California, the government knows where you live. With the recent anti gun, anti Liberty bills passed by the legisexuals in the State Capitol and signed into law by our senile communist governor, isn’t it about time to register these tyrants with gun owners?

Compiled below is the names, home addresses, and home phone numbers of all the legislators who decided to make you a criminal if you don’t abide by their dictates. “Isn’t that dangerous, what if something bad happens to them by making that information public?” First, all this information was already public; it’s just now in one convenient location. Second, it’s no more dangerous than, say, these tyrants making it possible for free men and women to have government guns pointed at them while they’re hauled away to jail and prosecuted for the crime of exercising their rights and Liberty.

These tyrants are no longer going to be insulated from us. They used their power we entrusted them with to exercise violence against us if we don’t give up our rights and Liberty. This common sense tyrant registration addresses this public safety hazard by giving the public the knowledge of who and where these tyrants are in case they wish to use their power for violence again.

So below is the current tyrant registry. These are the people who voted to send you to prison if you exercise your rights and liberties. This will be a constantly updated list depending on future votes, and if you see a missing address or one that needs updating, please feel free to contact me. And please share this with every California gun owner you know.

To be fair, the only way for a tyrant to have their name removed from the tyrant registry is to pass laws which repeal the laws that got them added to the list, or upon the tyrant’s death. Otherwise, it is a permanent list, even after the tyrant leaves office. The people will retain this information and have access to it indefinitely.

Also, see the Registered Tyrants’ Twitter and Facebook accounts:

Tyrant Registry (sans addresses)

State Senators

Ben Allen
Santa Monica, CA

James (Jim) T Beall
San Jose, CA

Marty Block

Kevin De León

Steve Glazer
Orinda, CA

Isadore Hall, III (outgoing 2016)
Compton, CA

Loni Hancock

Ed Hernandez

Robert Hertzberg
Van Nuys, CA

Gerald (Jerry) Hill

Ben Hueso
San Diego, CA

Hannah-Beth Jackson

Ricardo Lara

Mark Leno

Connie Leyva
Ontario, CA

Carol Liu
La Canada Flintridge, CA

Michael (Mike) McGuire
Healdsburg, CA

Antonio (Tony) Mendoza
Artesia, CA

Holly J Mitchell
Los Angeles, CA

Bill Monning

Richard Pan
Sacramento, CA

Fran Pavley (outgoing 2016)
Agoura Hills, CA

Robert (Bob) A Wieckowski

Lois Wolk
Davis, CA

State Assembly

Luis Alejo

Joaquin Arambula

Toni Atkins (now state senator)
San Diego, CA

Catharine Baker
Dublin, CA

Richard Bloom

Susan Bonilla
Concord, CA

Rob Bonta
Alameda, CA

Cheryl Brown
Rialto, CA

Autumn Burke

Ian Calderon

Nora Campos
San Jose, CA

Ling-Ling Chang (outgoing 2016)
Diamond Bar, CA

Edwin Chau
Montebello, CA

David Chiu

Kansen Chu
San Jose, CA

Ken Cooley
Rancho Cordova, CA

James Cooper
Elk Grove, CA

Matt Dababneh
Encino, CA

Tom Daly

Bill Dodd
Napa, CA

Susan Eggman
Stockton, CA

Cristina Garcia

Eduardo Garcia

Michael Gatto

Mike Gipson
Carson, CA

Jimmy Gomez
Los Angeles, CA

Lorena Gonzalez

Rich Gordon

Roger Hernández

Chris Holden

Jacqui Irwin
Thousand Oaks, CA

Reginald (Reggie) Jones-Sawyer

Marc Levine
San Rafael, CA

Patty Lopez
San Fernando, CA

Evan Low

Kevin McCarty
Sacramento, CA

Kevin Mullin
South San Francisco, CA

Adrin Nazarian

Patrick O’Donnell
Long Beach, CA

William Quirk
Hayward, CA

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas
Los Angeles, CA

Miguel Santiago

Mark Stone


Phil Ting

Shirley Weber
Carlsbad, CA

Das Williams

Jim Wood

Anthony Rendon


15 thoughts on “Tyrants attack the 1st AND the 2nd

  1. Why does someone that still has freedom of movement (for the time being) stay in a state where the subjects are being oppressed? I left the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia years ago and have never regretted the decision to do so.


    1. Not everyone in life has the ability to completely uproot there lives and move. And if these things are bad for California, it won’t be long before it’s bad for the United States of America. And it’s pretty cowardly to to run away to safety and enjoy the rights that your fellow country men are fighting to protect. Just saying


    2. Which is exactly what they wanted you to do. They wanted you to leave. They wanted to make your life so miserable that they force you out of “their” State. They see it as “their” State. They want to keep it “their” State. Since you left, you no longer have the choice of calling this place your home. You moved. You can’t vote for here. You ran away instead of staying and fighting. Some would call you coward.

      I don’t want to move. This is my home. My family is here. Sure, I’ve got family in other States, but I doubt I’d be able to get a comparable job there paying what I’m making here with the same benefits. I like the challenge and I want to beat the Tyrants and get them out of legislating for California. California is the testing ground for other Leftist led States. Once it passes here, other States pick it up. That’s bad for the rest of the Country.


  2. We in the northstate WILL eventually have the 51st State of Jefferson! Not all Californians are liberal whackos. We value our liberty up here!


    1. There’s a lot of us in the eastern San Joaquin Valley foothills who support the state of Jefferson and won’t be rolling over for the new laws. If all those who left, and call us out for staying, would have stayed and voted we would have a better chance of overturning SF and LA.


  3. Dear Real Write Winger,
    I just discovered your blog, courtesy of David Codrea linking to this article on his ‘The War on Guns’ blog.
    I shall be bookmarking your work for future reference.
    P.S. I like your style.

    Sincerely, a man who is trapped in California, along with his fifth generation cattle ranch and his guns.


  4. I understand you can’t post contact details, but could you post the names of the Tyrants so we know who to vote against in the next election?


  5. So your solution is to threaten to kill people who don’t agree with you? People like you make more gun laws easy to pass. Stop being an asshole. You’re the reason the Second Amendment is under assault. If you can’t be a law-abiding gun owner and think killing people who don’t agree is okay don’t be surprised when they take your guns. And stop hiding behind a pseudonym like a coward. What’s your address?


    1. Who threatened to kill anyone? Is it the “upon the tyrant’s death” requirement for removing their name from the registry? Why would I keep their names on a Registry after they die? I’m not registering Democrat voters here…


    2. Soooo…. ‘Adam Smith’? That’s not a pseudonym using two of the most common names in English history? Yeah, I’m betting dollars to donuts you won’t offer up your address to verify yourself. Hell, you probably won’t offer up a valid EMAIL address much less a bona fide residential addy. In fact, if you are so concerned about all of us ‘hiding’ behind website stuff, why didn’t you customize that avatar with a pic of yourself?

      You called others a coward, step up and show us how it’s done! Otherwise, your not just a coward as you proclaim others but a hypocrite little sh*t.


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