Recently, the home addresses and phone numbers of California State Senators and Assembly Members, which were already public information and readily available online, were listed on this blog as a Tyrant Registry (much like the Sex Offender Registry) for those legisexuals who violated the civil rights of current and future gun owners. See what transpired here:

In a letter obtained by the author, the Legislative Counsel Bureau demanded the Tyrant Registry be removed (which it was by the web host, not the author), stating in part:

“Publicly displaying elected officials’ home addresses on the Internet represents a grave risk to the safety of these elected officials…

“The Senators and Assembly Members whose home addresses are listed on this Web site fear that the public display of their addresses on the Internet will subject them to threats and acts of violence at their homes.”

Since then, instead of publicly sharing this already public information, the Tyrant Registry has been made available privately by contacting the author directly, and gun owners have been mobilized to share the registry on any forum, blog, or social media site available.

Given that the tyrants now claim to be afraid for their safety in their own homes (I can’t understand why, it’s like registering cars, right? Nobody’s coming for your home, just like nobody’s coming for gun owners’ registered rifles, right?), I’m going to offer two suggestions for these frightened legisexuals to consider:

1) Buy a “Gun Free Zone” sign and post it outside your homes.

2) Buy a gun

If you choose option 2, which any responsible and free citizen should do when they perceive themselves to be in danger (still not sure why they’d feel threatened as no threats were made, and if they’ve done nothing wrong what are they afraid of?), enjoy the process you created for the rest of us to follow.

Enjoy taking the test for the Firearms Safety Certificate. You might want to study, it would be so embarrassing and stressful to fail, especially in your frightened state of mind.

Enjoy your safe handling test, since I’m sure you’ve never handled a gun in your life.

Enjoy paying for your background check, because nothing says freedom and liberty like being presumed guilty until you pay the government to prove your innocence.

Enjoy the limited selection of old model handguns due to the restrictive nature of the Roster of Safe Handguns which doesn’t allow new guns into the state that don’t have microstamping technology which doesn’t widely exist yet, and causes old models to fall off the list if manufacturers stop paying extortion fees to keep them on.

Enjoy being limited to 10 rounds in your magazines, even in guns designed to carry 17. God forbid you face more than one attacker while waiting for the police to show up.

Hope you don’t want an ergonomic semi auto rifle with 30rd magazines to fend off the non-existent large groups of evil gun owners who know where you live, because you’ve banned those.

Enjoy paying for more background checks every time you want to buy ammunition, because again… guilty until you pay to prove your innocence.

Enjoy being forced to pay extra for a gun lock.

Enjoy the DROS fees.

Oh, and since you perceive yourself to be in imminent danger… enjoy that 10 day waiting period before you’re allowed to take your gun home. And you can’t borrow one from a friend to protect yourself while you wait, you made sure of that.

If you also feel threatened outside your home, enjoy the year long application process to obtain a concealed carry permit, that is IF your sheriff doesn’t deny you one after paying huge fees to apply and taken hours of training classes.

Enjoy being like the rest of us lowly peasants.


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