By now you may have heard that the good people at Firearms Policy Coalition along with a team of lawyers at Benbrook Law Group and Eugene Volokh have filed a federal lawsuit on my behalf seeking relief for the violation of my 1st Amendment rights when the Legislative Counsel Bureau forced WordPress take down the Tyrant Registry. I’d like to personally thank Brandon Combs for his brilliance, his devilish good looks, his ability to see clear violations of a lowly blogger’s constitutional rights, and his desire to sue every MFer in the room for doing so.

And the fact that Eugene Volokh is in on this… I’m truly humbled and honored. With court precedent on our side, this should be an easy win (and lawyer fees paid for, so everyone who questions why FPC is “wasting money on a 1A case” can Netflix and chill). They do real civil rights work, and they tirelessly lobby and litigate while the rest of us bitch “why isn’t anybody doing anything?!”

I support all efforts that different 2A (and now 1A) groups bring to the table, be it lobby and litigation work that FPC, NRA, SAF, CRPA, ETC do, as well as grassroots efforts like the group VETO GUNMAGEDDON has been doing to overturn these new gun and ammo restrictions in CA at the ballot box. Support any group you choose, but all of them need your support.

But let’s get back to what’s important here… me. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I’m appalled by the way the media has reported on this story. Having been a news junkie most of my adult life, I’ve been aware of bias in the news, just by how they report on or even choose a story, but to be the subject of it and seeing it first hand… it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen besides Sharknado.

Journalism 101 apparently doesn’t include a section on integrity, ethics, or the proper way to quote or even source an article since most never even mention the article or this blog by name. They write what they “think” I said, then at the end say “the author couldn’t be reached for comment”. Like that would even matter; if they didn’t quote me the first time, why would I expect they’d quote me again? Then every other journalist is so lazy they quote verbatim the same misleading article just to say they reported on it.

I have another article about Obama where I say he whipped black people up into a frenzy over things before all the facts about a case were known. I swear, if the media were to report on that article, they’d say, “The author mentioned ‘whipping black people’ not just once, but twice.”

I call politicians who enjoy fucking the citizenry “legisexuals”. I think I’ll call journalists who enjoy fucking the news “newsexuals”.

I won’t be commenting further about this case, and I’ll refer any questions, requests for interviews, or statements to Firearms Policy Coalition.


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