My wife and I were out running errands for the first time since the election. We hit up one of our main spots, this little crunchy herbal granola hippie yoga gluten dairy cage free range vegan grocery store called Sprouts. Why, you might ask, would any self respecting Write Winger be caught in a place like this? As a good capitalist I’ve found their produce to be pretty cheap, and it afforded me the pleasure of seeing how depressed everyone was.

The moping I saw on that male employee’s face, the one with his long sandy blond beard and man bun done up as a French braid who was restocking the organic chia seeds, was priceless. The female employees with the stretched earlobes, multi colored hair, and wrist tattoos with their favorite slogans, all convinced now they’ll never make more than 76% of French braid man bun because of what happened just days before. The other customers, being so individual and non conformist, looked exactly like the employees; same beards, same hair colors, same tattoos, same depression. I enjoyed being there.

As I was checking out, the bagger asked, “Would you like to buy a reusable or recycled bag for ten cents?”

I then remembered that the plastic bag ban referendum had failed, and all my seething rage from Election Day came flooding back, ruining my joy in their pain, and it seemed for now that it was they who got the last laugh.

While the tree of liberty was being refreshed with the tears of Democrats and Socialists throughout America, in California we progressed a few steps closer to “utopia”.

In California, if someone personally doesn’t like something, they believe nobody else should be able to do it either, and there should be a law against it. The only freedom, liberty, and choice these people think anyone else should have is getting to put whatever drug, object, or body part in whatever or whoever’s orifice without responsibility or consequence… and literally nothing else. So naturally, the California public voted to make marijuana use legal and to keep Captain Stabbin’s sword unsheathed while filming, but let’s get back to the bag ban.

Originally, the legislature banned single use plastic bags you get for your groceries and such, because their fascism knows no limits in the name of environmentalism. If stores offered plastic bags, paper bags, and reusable bags, it meant people still wanted the choice. This is called the free market, the simple concept of people getting to decide what bags they use for their groceries. But in California, if you don’t make the approved decision according to those in power, they’ll make it for you.

But, if enough people sign petitions, the law can be put on hold until the public gets to vote on whether it should become law or not. They did. Fast forward to Election Day, the people democratically voted to uphold the ban. But that’s fine, from what I was told during this whole campaign, as long as it’s DEMOCRATIC enviro-fascism, it’s ok.

In a way, the rage I felt being forced to buy bags I didn’t want to buy and being denied the liberty or choice to use the bag of my choosing helped me cope with not getting the Veto Gunmageddon referendum on the ballot. If a majority of Californians hate the concept of liberty enough to uphold a ban on plastic bags, the likelihood of these same loyalists allowing the minority of people they disagree with to keep their arms and liberties thereof would be statistically zero.

Gavin Newsom paid $4 million dollars for a proposition that he named “Safety for All” because he knows a majority of Californians will say, “Safety for all, huh? I’m not against safety! Safety muh muh makes me hhhaaaaappy!”, Proposition 63.

Among many things, what it really did was confiscate magazines that hold over 10 rounds from people who have legally owned them for over 16 years and never committed a crime against anybody, and if they don’t comply they’ll be sent to jail for up to a year.

It also presumes you’re guilty until you pay the government to prove you’re innocent so they can give you revocable permission to exercise your “liberty” to buy ammo. It’s already a crime for a felon or other prohibited persons to buy ammo, but now you too will be treated like a criminal to make sure a criminal complies with their probation, which they won’t when they buy ammo from their drug dealer (except marijuana is now legal in California so maybe they’ll just make the easy transition to black market ammo and +10 round magazines).

Oh, and if you’re a victim of a burglary and your gun is stolen or lost, and you don’t report it fast enough, you’ll be victimized again by the State because that’ll also be a crime under Prop 63.

And California voters approved it.

In true schizophrenic fashion, you California voters also approved Prop 57 which reduces the penalties for “non violent” offenses, until you actually read the law and find out they’re anything but non violent (assault with a deadly weapon, battery with serious bodily injury, solicitation to commit murder, domestic violence, inflicting corporal injury on a child, first degree burglary, rape, sodomy, oral copulation of unconscious person or by use of date rape drugs, human trafficking involving a minor, hate crimes, arson of forest land causing physical injury, active participation in a street gang, and exploding destructive device with intent to cause injury).

You voted to reduce the penalties of criminals who have actually victimized others, and at the same time voted to created new penalties for otherwise law abiding citizens who don’t surrender their +10 round magazines or if they wish to continue to buy ammunition the way they always have. Owning a magazine or buying ammo victimizes nobody, yet you’ll have sentenced them up to a year in jail for doing so AND reduced the sentences of real criminals so they can be out among a less armed civilized society to commit more crimes.

You also voted: to take more money out of the paychecks of people you think earn too much to pay for things you want, to overturn a Supreme Court case that guarantees people the right to free speech if they come together and pool their resources to do so as a group, to go further into debt as a state, and to allow the further Balkanization of our state by overturning English only education.

Because I just used a big word, let me break it down for you: you know how your kid plays soccer with that other kid at school, but you don’t talk to his parents because they don’t speak any English? They play together because that kid was taught English in school. Now there will be no incentive for that kid to learn English because you just voted to require both languages to be taught, which in Realville means your kid will keep speaking English and the other kid won’t. They won’t be playing together as children nor interacting as adults. If you think there’s “other sides of town” now, in one generation there will be a complete separation because there will be nothing binding us together. And it’s by design.

You’ve confiscated people’s property and money, confiscated their liberty and sold it back to them as licenses and permits, denied their freedom of speech, sped up the racial, lingual, and identity division of the state, and set criminals loose on us… all by your choice, all by democracy.

At least when our elected tyrants vote for bad laws they can be held somewhat accountable, even if they never are. But when democracy votes for tyranny, who do you hold accountable? I can only hope those who voted for this will reap it while the rest of us can find a way to protect ourselves from it. We don’t deserve this, but about 60% of California does. Since most crime occurs in heavily Democrat populated areas, I may just get my wish.

But when democracy votes for tyranny, the armed citizen still gets to vote. You will not use the law or democracy to confiscate the rights of the people. We still have our rights, even if they’re not recognized by you or the state. We will not comply, and we will find liberty in the law.

True democracy, like California just proved, is tyranny. It’s almost as if our Founders were smart enough to put protections in place against the tyranny of the majority. But in California, when the legislature, the executive, and the judicial branch are collectively opposed to your rights, AND the majority of their loyalist voters will vote for and support their tyranny, what’s a free man to do?

The only hope we have now is to fight for our rights in the federal courts. We have to work from the outside to retain our rights and to keep these tyrants from criminalizing our rights and liberty. With the right cases, with the right Supreme Court, with the right Congress and President, if they don’t squander this federal mandate, there is hope. And we’ll just have to either move out of state or continue to exist here and do whatever it is we’re going to do.

So there I was, staring right back at the grocery bagger offering to sell me recycled or reusable bags for ten cents as now required by the law she likely voted for, and I told her “no”.

Being a California gun owner, I’ve learned how to find liberty in the law.

I stuffed all my groceries inside plastic vegetable bags that are apparently exempt from the ban, and while the enviro-fascist bagger and cashier were staring at me wide-eyed and wide-mouthed as I’m sure they spend most their evenings, I walked out of ground zero carrying my groceries in plastic bags.


33 thoughts on “CA voters, you went full tyranny

  1. Well said. I too am living in this demonic paradise, and now I’m going to be using the free vegetable bags! (Thanks so much for the idea, it never occurred to me!) The horrifying thing is, almost half the country wants to follow California into total insanity. Thank God (dunno if that’s still legal in CA, probably not,) it didn’t happen, and President-Elect Donald J. Trump still gives me hope for the future!

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    1. Crapifornia can’t fall into the ocean because that would violate pollution laws. And everyone knows that all these idiotic laws are followed without any questions.


  2. Vege bags awesome idea!! I am living your pain a well. Restrict upstanding gun owners and let more criminals oit of prison. I cant even follow the logic.


  3. Time to buy that air powered 50 cal shotgun I was looking at. I’m sure that one isn’t covered on the ammo ban since technically they’re just 50 cal. pellets. Stupid uneducated lemmings in this state. This is all just going to speed up my plans to take my family elsewhere. Hopefully the Supreme Court will weigh in on some of this and hand the CA powers that be their butts sometime soon.


  4. Its all in the wording on the ballot, If people would have taken the time to actually read what they were voting on instead of just the bold print on the top before making a decision I think the outcome would have been in the gun owners favor. Sadly most people just look at the bold print and make a decision on that. The same ones probably believe the national enquirer stories when the see the big print on the cover.


  5. Moved out of the People’s Republic of California this year. Best decision we ever made. Business’s have been exititing for years and now so are the people, but the powers that be are too stupid to figure out why. Your state now requires a background check to buy ammo but when a mob of immigrations who may or may not be legal physically attack citizens on the street because some of them may have attended a Trump conference, the mayor says he understands the attackers frustrations and condones their actions. Typical CA hypocrisy.


  6. Wow some of your descriptions are very interesting. Why would one need a magazine that holds more than 10 bullets? What are you shooting at?
    Background checks on ammo purchases don’t seem that insane to me. If you can pass the background check whats the problem?


    1. You really are that stupid! To break it down into simplistic terms, to purchase a handgun, rifle, or shotgun requires a background check. It is redundant to require and additional background check when it has already been done….


    2. So, do you shoot, hunt Or even own a gun? Let me ask you this… do you have a sport that you participate in? I’m going to guess that your a runner.. most people in CA that are halfway in shape seem to be (oh look a stereotype) , so imagine now that your sweat caused someone strife in CA. They now create a set of laws to limit your sweat.. the new gun laws are akin to this way of thinking.. you want to run, ok.. you need a permit to buy shoes.. but you can only buy one shoe per month, oh and once you have 2 shoes you may only run one mile a day and must buy socks through a state approved dealer. But we are also going to shut down all but 3 running trails in your county because your footfalls while running your mile disturb the neighbors in their newly built eco house, even though the running trail has existed in the same spot for the last 50 years .. also, you are no longer allowed to run from an mugger or other danger because you will most likely have already gone over your daily mile allotment..
      seems silly right?!! Now, go actually read CA’s gun laws and compare… you’ll find a strange and scary coincidence..
      as to why I need to have more than 10 rounds? I don’t… but when I go to the range to practice (because shooting is actually a perishable skill) it is a pain in the butt to have to change magazines every 10 rounds, not slow just a pain.. but then you change socks every 1/2 mile you run right?


    3. A couple reasons are that in a shooting competition a 10 round magazine is a huge disadvantage. But the progressives wouldn’t be able to understand because everyone is a winner and gets a trophy. Another reason is self-defence situations. When a mob of 50 BLM “protesters” or democrats, (redundant, I know) tries to start burning my neighborhood and assaulting people, I don’t want to worry about changing magazines.

      About the ammo purchases. The problem is the extortion charges imposed by the government that require us to pay fees to exercise our constitutional rights. We already paid fees to buy the gun and pass a background check. They know who we are because they already passed laws that require that the guns be registered.

      The reason these assaults on our rights don’t seem insane to you is that insanity seems normal. Since progressives are already insane themselves, it doesn’t appear to be out of the ordinary.


    4. The problem is we already passed the background check to buy the guns. And it was already a law that you could not buy the larger magazines so why now change it to take them away. And don’t even get me started on the whole legalized pot but raise the cigarette tax an additional $2 a pack on top of the tax that is already on them and the sales tax that is tacked on top of both of those taxes (Humm hasn’t anyone heard that that is double taxation? Which is illegal).


    5. California Voter: Why would one need a mag larger than 10 rounds? Picture this scenario. You are home alone and suddenly three home invaders break in. They are armed and have 30 round magazines (criminals don’t obey gun laws). And there you stand with only 10 rounds in your handgun or rifle. CA laws favor criminals over law-abiding citizens.

      Background checks on ammo? Just another incremental disarmament tactic. Who in their right mind would think that criminals couldn’t get ammo after this law? They will simply do what criminals do and steal it!

      California is infringing on a citizen’s natural right to self defense, as protected by the 2nd Amendment. “…shall not be infringed.” Liberal Californians are all about “equality”, but not when it comes to gun rights and personal protection. There, they favor the criminals and gangs. This is one of many reasons I recently moved from CA to a free state. I can not only get a concealed carry permit, I don’t even have to have one to carry concealed!



      That’s for the first question. Refer the security pic. 5 men with pistols breaking into a house near Fremont.

      Second question – Ammo is expensive. It takes 500 rounds to break in many pistols. 1000’s more to stay proficient. Stopping the import of bulk ammo, charging a $50.00 background check, and adding more tax per purchase will make ammo prohibitively expensive. Kinds like buying all of your groceries from Circle K. No ammo for the poor, the rich and prepared will have theirs.


      1. Besides the scumbags traveling in packs, we need magazines as large as the garbage doing the home invasions. Note that the criminal in the t-shirt also ignored the magazine capacity limit law of 10 rounds and has what appears to be a 33 round magazine.


    7. We don’t need YOU or California politicians to tell us law abiding citizens what to do. It doesn’t matter. That’s not the problem. I should be able to have a 100 rounds just because I am a free American. You should be concerned about real threats. Like all the criminals dumb Gerry Brown is going to let out soon. They will be back out robbing, raping and abusing with in a year. Open your eyes!! Eat meat!


  7. I think it has more to do with how the props are written, leaving most people confused & only slightly understanding the props. They are so confusing that most people probably just read the main description & make a quick decision with out thinking about it.


    1. Then they shouldn’t be voting on something they don’t have the capacity or knowledge to understand. I thought our legislators didn’t read bills or have any understanding of the businesses or regulations they were forcing on them, but the public beats them hands down on ignorance. The public AND representatives have no business voting on things they know nothing about.


  8. Moved out of California to escape the insanity, but found almost as much in Washington. I agree, our only hope is through the Federal courts and the Supremes. Hopefully that will be an option under our new president.


  9. Remember – they also passed a law legalizing marijuana – and making it virtually impossible to smoke in public – and the marijuana initiative requires there be no edibles – so you have to smoke it.

    Then we move on to the plastic bags – I bought 1000 from Amazon for $18. I put them in our cars – so when we go to the market we just grab a handful.

    When I went to the market on Sunday – there I was – in line with plastic bags – oooooohhh ahhhhhhh – he has bags. . . the voters here are stupid.


  10. So I live in Arizona, am liberal leaning, not a gun owner, and we would probably disagree on most political points in a discussion. But i wanted to say this was an interesting article that a conservative friend shared with me, and I really got a chuckle out of this line: “While the tree of liberty was being refreshed with the tears of Democrats and Socialists throughout America.” – Well written 😉


  11. There is a sad irony regarding the liberal lemmings who are mostly, and in many cases, wholly ignorant of firearm knowledge and the causes of violent crime in society. The irony is the increase in vulnerability they have exposed themselves and their loved ones to as they have supported laws that are blatantly unconstitutional which have stripped their law abiding neighbors from their God given rights to self defense which might very well have been the folks that would have and could have defended them during a societal meltdown due to a disaster such as earthquake or political riot. A further irony is if/when this occurs, they will likely fail to connect the dots and realize their plight was a result of their own foolish delusions regarding their perception of reality when they stepped into the voting booth.


  12. So just a confused lemming over here…… but how can one argue that a 10 round magazine will limit the amount of BLM’ers you can mow down, then turn around and argue that 10 round magazines will not slow down a mass shooter. I have read several articles from several different views on why a 10 round magazine can still mow down an elementary school with no problem, yet you tell me that it hinders your ability to shoot at stationary targets for competition. You guys are funny……..


    1. Glad we could amuse you. I can’t speak for others articles or authors, but my point of view is this: 1) someone intent to murder as many people as possible in an offensive situation doesn’t care about magazine capacity, as long as they’re killing people in a fish-in-a-barrel environment like a gun-free zone where nobody is firing back, they can reload as much as they want. This same person also doesn’t care if there is a ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds; they’ll either keep theirs, not turn them in, buy them illegally, or just use 10 rounders to kill people. 2) the flip side is the defensive use of a gun. You don’t want to be the first person to run out of ammo when you’re in a life or death defense situation. The only people who would turn in their +10rd magazines are good honest people who are afraid of breaking the law, while Mr Gun Free School Zone shooter or multiple assailants like a home invasion will still have the upper hand while you’re limited by 10 rounds. Plus, you’re using the government to confiscate people’s legally owned and acquired property, denying them due process before stripping them of it (read the 5th Amendment). Hope this helps you understand better.


  13. This was the best thing I’ve read about California in YEARS!! Thank you! Thank you! I feel like such a minority. I have lived her my entire life and I can’t believe how un-American California has become. It brings me such sadness. I am not going to let these liberal douche bags kick me out. I am totally ready to fight. I am petitioning, I’m going to run for office, I’m going to write…..I’m going to do something to at least get some compromise. Maybe even some tolerance for the 40% of us who think a little differently. I love therealwritewinger!!!!


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