What reduces gun violence? No matter what side of the issue you fall on pertaining to guns or crime, everyone wants the same thing – to reduce not just gun violence, but all violence. It’s the methods in which we disagree, and being wrong has deadly consequences.

On Monday, February 20th, a police officer in Whittier, CA was shot and killed during what he thought was a routine traffic accident. The person whom this officer was trying to help just murdered his cousin, stole a car, and smashed into someone else.

If you followed the 2016 election and listened to Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom discussing his support of Proposition 63 (which banned the possession of +10rd magazines and created a license and background check scheme for ammunition) he stated, “We have significantly reduced the gun murder rate because of our progressive gun policy. [California has seen a] 56 percent decline in the gun murder rate since we started to step up and step in and lead the nation in common sense gun safety laws, background checks, restricting large-capacity clips and the like.”

And he had to repeat this talking point every time he had an interview:

“Since 1993, we’ve seen a 56 percent decline in gun-related deaths in the state because of California’s progressive gun safety measures.”

So just to make it clear in case his repetition hasn’t done that yet, Gavin Newsom believes it’s gun control that prevents criminals from getting guns and murdering people.

Then there’s Governor Jerry Brown. Also in the 2016 election, he threw his support behind Proposition 57, which he stated, “focuses law enforcement on serious violent crime, stops wasting costly prison space on non-violent people who can be rehabilitated, and directs savings to programs with a proven track record of stopping the cycle of crime.”

This isn’t Governor Brown’s first time supporting a prop that releases so called “non-violent” offenders onto society; he also supported Prop 47 in 2014. He also signed into law AB 109 which released a lot of “low level” criminals.

And a police officer was just murdered by a known gang member who was released early from prison, using a gun and ammo he was barred from possessing. Because as we know, criminals don’t follow the law.

“So what are you saying, there should just be no laws? Make crime legal because they’re going to do it anyway?” No, that’s the kind of thing Brown, Newsom, and apparently over 60% of Californians supported and voted for when they approved Prop 47 and 57, and look what it’s gotten us. That murderer’s cousin and that police officer are dead and another officer is wounded, and if anyone else besides the murderer is to blame, it’s Brown, Newsom, and the people who voted for them and these propositions. They set this habitual victimizer free on society to murder these two people.

There is only one way to reduce or prevent violent crime, and that’s to make sure people with a predisposition toward victimizing others aren’t loose among a civilized society victimizing them.

Newsom claims the dramatic decrease in the murder rate since 1993 is due to California’s strict gun control measures, but in reality (where Newsom doesn’t live) it was the people voting for Prop 184 in 1994, the “Three Strikes” law, that kept habitual victimizers locked up and not out among us committing violent crimes that was responsible for the decrease in the murder rate.

It was Three Strikes that reduced the gun violence, not gun control laws.

Unfortunately for CA, by the weakening the Three Strikes law with Prop 36 in 2012, and the overall reducing of sentences and penalties with Prop 47 in 2014 and Prop 57 in 2016 and the subsequent release of habitual victimizers, we’re going to see violent crimes back on the rise because those who are disposed to committing violent crimes will be out walking among us in greater numbers.

California will not learn this lesson and will continue to focus on making good gun owners into criminals for not giving up their rights and liberties, while registered tyrants like State Senator Bob Hertzberg and Assemblyman Rob Bonta put forward bills that seek to ease bail requirements because, currently, bail “keeps people locked up for being poor”.

It can be argued that crimes with no victims shouldn’t be crimes, and laws pertaining to those should be repealed. Legalizing liberty could go a long way towards easing the burden on our criminal justice system. However, crimes that do have victims should have harsher penalties, and these serial victimizers should be locked up longer so they can’t be out, say, murdering their cousin, stealing a car, crashing into someone else, and murdering a police officer.


3 thoughts on “Brown and Newsom are deadly wrong about gun violence

  1. A very well said piece on the reality of how self aggrandizing Gavin Newsom, and wrongheaded Jerry Brown, are endangering the public in California. Under the guise of what passes for safety measures. Which we all know is just disarmament.


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