A statement regarding our victory in Doe Publius and Derek Hoskins v. California Legislative Counsel Diane Boyer-Vine:

First and foremost I’d like to thank Brandon Combs of Firearms Policy Coalition for not only fighting for our fundamental right to keep and bear arms, but for his unwavering desire to see liberty as a whole upheld by the Constitution, as it was intended. I’d also like to thank the Coalition and all its members, the lawyers at Benbrook Law Group, and of course Eugene Volokh for the gravitas he brought to this case.

This is not just a win for myself, but a win for freedom of speech and political protest, and most importantly a win for those Californians who have had their civil rights and liberties violated by our state legislators for simply wanting to exercise their fundamental right to keep and bear arms. The court has sent a message that the State cannot threaten or force the removal of political speech aimed directly at the laws they force on the rest of us.

The purpose of the Tyrant Registry is clear: if legislators are going to confiscate our rights, liberty, and property without due process, if they’re going to then register us for trying to retain or exercise our rights, then we’re going to register them as tyrants with the people whose rights they’ve violated.

Much like the Sex Offender Registry, this common sense tyrant registration addresses a public safety hazard alerting the public of tyrants who have violated the civil rights and liberties of people in their communities, if these tyrants actually reside at their declared addresses within their districts, which many don’t (State Senator Kevin de Leon). Any journalist worth their salt may want to look into that.

Tyrants will not be insulated from the people they claim to represent but happily rule over. I’m looking forward to republishing and updating the Tyrant Registry, however for the sake of liberty I wish it never had to exist at all.


13 thoughts on “Victory for the Tyrant Registry!

  1. Modern Liberty Heroes are far and few in between. Mainly because the Totalitarian juggernaut constantly represses the truth and covers for their agenda based cronies who make an evil profit from violating the Constitution. If you must have gun registries, sex offender registries, Ex-criminal offender registries, etc. etc. Then it is far more important to have anti-Constitutional registries. If we are not circumspect with regard to the spied upon citizen’s privacy, then why should Tyrannical ‘law makers’ be exempt? It would amount to insult upon injury and inequity beyond the pale?

    This is exactly what we need in the general consensus of transparent accountability for corrupt legislators. Thank you Doe Publius, You sir, are a great American Patriot.


      1. Being just north of many of these treasonous, seditious libtards, we, as one of the largest Tea Parties in N. Calif look forward to your re-posting of this list. We look to be active in letting their neighbors know just how unhappy we are in their unconstitutional views. In the mean time, I’ll take the FB and Twitter links and forward them to our over 500 members. You have my email and website so please keep us informed. Thanks for all you do and thanks to the FPC (we’ve had them as speakers) and Eugene Volohk, where would we be without him!


  2. As a Canadian gun owner I have lived through a previous Liberal government which required us to register all long guns in our possession and notify the government when buying or selling any firearm I commend you for your actions. One need only look at Australia where the government mobilised a fleet of cube vans with armed personnel and chop saws to remove and destroy firearms from law abiding private citizens to see where this could go. An elected Conservative government in Canada squashed this registry after the Libtards had spent over a billion $ gathering this information and supposedly the registry information (names, addresses and phone numbers) has been destroyed. Believe this if you wish….I don’t.
    We are presently in the clutches of a Liberal majority government here in Canada and our basic rights and freedoms as law abiding firearm owners are again under attack. Hopefully our next federal election will change all that. Liberal Prime Minister Selfie (Justin Trudeau) is no friend to ANY private citizen who owns a gun either in Canada or anywhere else in the world. Keep up the good work!


  3. to the realwritewinger:
    BRAVO! I live in AZ., a transplant from the secular progressive, liberal, extreme left state of CA. and I applaud you! Now see if you can muster up enough support to reverse the insane anti-constitutional laws passed by the idiots in Sacramento.


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