It’s the little things in life that can give you the most pleasure. One of those things is watching your critics twist themselves into pretzels, stating things like, “words such as ‘tyrant’ are flung all-too casually around the internet” while their headline is literally “a gun-rights blogger’s tyranny“. Another is enjoying the irony of it all, especially coming from The Sacramento Bee.

While I’m ecstatic the decision went in my favor getting a preliminary injunction against the state for violating my First Amendment rights, there was a particular line in the decision that tickled me to no end.

The state argued that the Tyrant Registry would have been taken down by WordPress because it violated the Terms of Service, but provided no evidence that’s what happened. However, my team DID provide evidence that it was the state that initiated the take down.

The line, “Publius, somehow cognizant of the Office’s demand…” is what I’m referring to.

I would have never known the state threatened WordPress with legal action if they didn’t remove the Tyrant Registry, but a writer for The Sacramento Bee inadvertently tipped me off.

State lawyer wants legislators’ addresses removed from pro-gun blog

I asked WordPress for a copy of the take down letter, and so began the lawsuit against the state for violating my First Amendment rights.

In my best Hans Gruber imitation, “You ask for a miracle, I give you The Sacramento Bee.”

Thank you, Sacramento Bee. If it weren’t for you, none of this would have happened.


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