It’s come to my attention that ABC 7 News has obtained the names and cities of every concealed carry permit holder in Contra Costa County from the Sheriff’s Office, which the office is legally obligated to provide.

In a county of 1.13 million people, only 317 lucky individuals aren’t denied their fundamental right to self defense and preservation outside the home by County Sheriff David Livingston.

It would be interesting to see if these 317 lucky individuals are in any way connected to the Sheriff, which I hope would be the only reason ABC 7 News would request this information, or for some similar type of investigation. A Sheriff using his position of power to benefit his friends and supporters while denying a basic and fundamental right to every other citizen of Contra Costa County would be an outrage.

However, if the purpose of obtaining this information by ABC 7 News is to publicly release the names and full addresses (which isn’t hard to find out once you have a name and a city, believe me if anyone knows this it’s me) of concealed carry permit holders in Contra Costa County for whatever reason, the way The Journal News did to permit holders in 2012, that didn’t go over very well.

I sincerely hope ABC 7 News will be using this information for real investigative journalism against political corruption rather than as a tool to harass people lawfully exercising their 2A rights the way news team members of ABC 7 News lawfully exercise their 1A rights.


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