California gun owners are continuously placed in the precarious position to comply with the law or be sent to jail or prison if caught exercising their rights. Some will shout “MOLON LABE” or “I WILL NOT COMPLY” to these unconstitutional infringements of their rights, which is an understandable position to take, however make no mistake – the state has the power to imprison you, and you will stand alone when they take you away. Think Eric Parker, the man on the bridge.

Nobody will ride to your rescue or stand side by side with you in armed resistance if or when you’re arrested for your crimes against state dictates. Chances are it’ll be during a traffic stop or a domestic dispute, or a nosy neighbor or somebody ratting you out, or a house fire in which your contraband is discovered by authorities. It won’t be house by house doorkicking; it’ll be non-compliers getting picked off one at a time, and that fear will keep people in compliance.

There are those who admonish others for complying with the law, and again it’s understandable.

But there’s two kinds of compliance: complying with the government’s intent of the law, and complying by finding liberty in the law. Choosing the “finding liberty” option shouldn’t invite admonishment.

Take for example the latest California “assault weapons” ban that redefined what a “fixed magazine” meant in order to ban the sale, manufacture, importation, and transfer of fixed magazine rifles equipped with a “bullet button” that required a tool in order to release the 10 round magazine, and required firearms equipped with bullet buttons currently owned to be registered as “assault weapons”.

Complying with the government’s intent of the law would be to register your firearm as an assault weapon and comply with all the restrictions and regulations that go along with that including never being able to transfer it to anyone in the state, including your own children upon your death, meaning it would force your next of kin to relinquish it to the state or a licensed gun dealer with a Dangerous Weapons Permit, or sell it out of state. To this, the sentiment “DO NOT COMPLY” is 100% applicable.

And, as a general rule, do not tell the state you own something they’ve already banned but promised you could keep, because like +10 round magazines, they already made it their intent that they want to break that promise.

But then there’s complying by finding liberty in the law, or as statists call it a “loophole”. Read the literal words of the law and find out what it DOESN’T say you can’t or must do.

2017 is seeing the rise of the “featureless” revolution. Granted, this option has been around for awhile, but more people are opting for a fixed stock, no pistol grip, no forward pistol grip, no flash hider, and… no freaking grenade launcher…, and a standard magazine release rather than the other option in which your magazine is considered legally fixed if it requires you to disassemble the action to remove the magazine.

Both of these options are complying by finding liberty in the law and will keep you out of jail without giving up your rights or your property. Don’t admonish those who comply by finding liberty in the law; they should be celebrated. Reward those people and businesses who risk capital to help California gun owners keep their firearms unregistered. Shot Show was full of new and innovative ways for Californians to give the state government a collective finger.

It’s much easier to support the cause from outside a cell than inside with charges against you. If there’s a simple way to still get or keep what you want, do it and stay out of jail. Yes, it’s stupid, everyone agrees it’s stupid, but do it anyway.

And yes, there may not be ways to find liberty in all the new laws. If you choose to not comply at all, the sentiment is understandable.

Just remember, if you’re finally fed up and you run outside screaming “LIBERTY OR DEATH”, dual wielding, wearing a chest rig, and nobody else is… it’s not time yet, and you’re on your own.


2 thoughts on “There’s complying, and then there’s complying

  1. We need standardization since we only have one constitution. It was never intended for the states to have their own gun laws.


  2. Standardization througout the United States is the 2 Admendment stands for, I will use my 2nd Dmendment Rights to Keep and Bear Arms untill I Die, and to Will my Firearms to who I see Fit to. I did not Proudly Serve in the U.S.M.C. to idily stand by and watch the Democrats and Liberals give up the Once Proud Nation I Love.


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