Write Winger, Firearms Unknown

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said Friday that state employees will be prohibited from official travel to California based on his determination that California has enacted laws that deny the LGBT community and other minority groups their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

“California has enacted legislation that deprives individuals of their state and individuals who visit their state of their constitutionally protected rights,” Paxton said during a news conference in Dallas.

Last year, the California legislature passed and their senile communist governor Jerry Brown signed into law some of the most restrictive anti-gun laws in the nation, laws that disproportionately affect the LGBT community and other minority groups due to the diverse demographic makeup of California.

“There are consequences to denying the LGBT community and other minority groups their Constitutionally protected rights,” Paxton said. “Restricting state-sponsored travel is a consequence.”

H/T LA Slimes




And yes, this is satire… but the part about CA denying Constitutionally protected rights isn’t.


4 thoughts on “TX Atty Gen bans state travel to CA for denying LGBT gun rights

  1. ha ha, that’s what moon beam and his flunkies get !!!! making fools of them selves seems to be a full time job for most of them yahoo’s !!! wonder when they will actually do the tax payers some good around there??
    !!! their state is sinking in the abyss and good tax paying, “legal” citizens are leaving in record levels !!! such a shame that, once that state ruled the land, and was a beacon for so many things good !!! now they ain’t shit !!!! just a bunch of cry baby liberals and democrats chasing rainbows the the sky
    of cow pies !!!!


    1. I live in Ca. My husband works in Texas. You are correct. This state has gone down the toilet. And I was prepared to move out of state. But as I was talking with my MIL and discussing moving, especially if we actually become our own state, the thought terifies me, my MIL said something very profound. As a Christian, where better to be in the war against Satan than on the front lines. Just some food for thought.


  2. We need serious help out here. Come January we will not be allowed to purchase ammo, whether it be mail order, Internet purchases, etc.
    Ammo purchases must be sent to a FFL dealer, transaction fees, and if I’m not mistaken, restrictions on the amount purchased, really?
    From Evil Features, added costs to gun owners who now need to decide to register them as assault weapons, items purchased legally last week will be illegal tomorrow. Banning all Hi Cap Magazines, even those which were Pre Ban..
    I see no real benefit – Law abiding citizens are having to jump through hoops, spend more money, decide whether to register them as assault weapons, or go featureless…..
    Why must we register them as assault weapons!

    More people are killed in car accidents, by drunk drivers, hit and runs compared to guns…

    Why are we not banning vehicles, alcohol, etc.

    California state officials “Go Full Retard”


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